(Proses pembuatan tempe yang dilakukan oleh mahasiswa Mikrobiologi Pertanian UGM di swiss pada acara HackteriaLab2011)

Ingredients :

-1 Kg Soya bean

-Water (enough to boil and wash)

-1 Gram tempeh starter (Rhizopus.sp), http://www.tempeh.info/starter/free-sample.php

Step by step instructions for making tempe(h)

1.Boil the soya bean. Make sure it’s boiled for ten minutes only, not longer than that. [this part will decide the softness of the final tempe(h)]

2.When the soya bean is cooked, remove the skin manually by squeezing the beans. [don’t hurt yourself, cool down the beans before squeezing]

3.Wash, and filter it. [make sure all the skins are removed]

4.Leave it in the pot overnight. [this process will make the tempe more softer, also to make sure all the skin is removed, PS: foam will appear, then it’s perfect]

5.After one night, boil the soya bean again. [this process is to neutralize the soya bean from the contaminant. why? because we leave it overnight.]

6.Drain the water, let it cool 40 C and dry. [dryyyyyy…..!!!]

7.Inoculate the tempe starter/rhizopus.sp. [pour the dried fungi into the soya bean container, and mix it]

8.Spread the soya bean evenly in the plastic sheets, and wrap it. [make sure the thickness is not more than 3 cm]

9.Wrap another sheet of plastic around tightly overnight. [but open the second plastic layer in the next day]

10.Leave the process for 2 more days then the tempe(h) is ready. [keep at room temperature]


TEMPE(h), is very easy to cook. It’s like chicken if it’s animals. You can cook it in many ways. Don’t be afraid to try your own style. There is many different recipe laying around on the internet. Check it on google, type : “resep tempe”, that’s Indonesian language means : Tempe recipe. Good luck with your own experiment, if you had one, please send the recipe to the hackteria.

1.Fried Tempe

Just fry it in a fry pan with any kind of oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, butter, or anything oily. Make sure that it’s cooked enough!

2.Grilled Tempe(h) with Cheese topping


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